Engineering service.

Extensive assortment of work coordination, monitoring and control services. Verification services of welding procedures and welder qualifications.

Welding Coordination and Supervision

Monitoring of welding and installation works

Non-destructive NDT

Welding procedure qualification record (WPQR).

Welding procedure specifications (WPS).

Welder qualification verification and validation


Welding Coordination and Supervision

  • Order Review and Analysis (applicable product standard, requirements regulated by law, additional customer requirements, manufacturer’s ability to meet the requirements);
  • Technical inspection of project requirements. The technical requirements include: a description of the base metal and welded joint properties; seam quality and acceptance requirements; usable welding procedure approval provisions; selection of materials, seams, etc., identification and traceability; the quality of the planning, monitoring and testing; correction of discrepancies, etc.;
  • The suitability of the subcontractor;
  • Production planning, determination of quality control volumes and quality control plan, preparation of work instructions, approval and preparation of welding procedures specifications (WPS) and other production documentation. Qualification of welders and welding operators (introductory welder control prior to starting work, endorsement);
  • Quality Control (Visual joint control, inspection before welding, during welding and after welding, organization of independent non-destructive inspection by attracting non-destructive testing laboratory);
  • Preparation of supplementary documentation;
  • Monitoring and improvement of production quality system.

Monitoring of welding and installation works

  • Eligibility of sub-contractor qualification;
  • Effectiveness of sub-contractor quality system;
  • Application of the normative documents;
  • Appropriateness of basic and subsidiary materials;
  • Storage of basic and subsidiary materials;
  • Preparation and storage of the welding materials in the workplace;
  • Welder qualification suitability;
  • Introductory welder inspection;
  • Appropriateness of welding procedures specifications (WPS);
  • Protection of welding site against the weather conditions;
  • Equipment appropriateness;
  • Preparation of the welding elements;
  • While-welding inspection;
  • Heat input control;
  • Visual testing (VT);
  • The appropriate post weld heat treatment (PWHT);
  • Protection against oxidation during PWHT;
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT).

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

  • Visual testing (VT);
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MT)
  • Penetrant testing (PT)
  • Ultrasonic inspection (UT)
  • Radiographic testing (RT)
  • Specialist qualifications in accordance with EN ISO 9712 and PED 97/23/EC.

Welding procedure qualification record (WPQR)

Welding procedure qualification record (WPQR) certification tests in accordance with EN ISO 15614-1.

Welding procedure specifications (WPS)

Welding procedure specifications (WPS) training in accordance with EN ISO 15609, ASME IX.

Welder qualification verification and validation

Welder qualification suitability for expected works

Welder qualification